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Animiz Multi-track Timeline

Animiz animation maker provides powerful timeline settings for making gorgeous video presentations and gifs.

How to add record?

Actually, a perfect animation presentation should include amazing animation effects, rich multimedia, excellent subtitles and beautiful record. Here is the way to add record in Animiz.

How to filter different objects

It is a big project to make an amazing animation which means you need to insert tons of elements for decorating the animation presentation. The Filter is a considerate setting to ease your way to edit tons of elements.

How to add subtitles ?

In order to make a perfect animation, besides the amazing animated effects, subtitles seem still quite important. Make your animation presentation clearer and richer.

How to customize scene background color ?

Besides the background image and color that you would easily get in Animiz, you are allowed to customized unique background color.

How to add scene background ?

Animiz provides rich images and backgrounds color for embellishing scenes. You can customize unique background for the scenes.

How to add camera ?

Add cameras to the project to make the animation zooming, rotating, and moving, which gives audiences amazing visual enjoyment. It is quite easy to ad a camera in Animiz.

How to adjust scene duration ?

Proper duration of each scene makes the project more compact. Animiz helps you

How to add a folder?

Animiz Animation Maker enables you to add and edit folders in timeline to organize your objects logically. Then, you can move, delete, edit folder's contents together at a time.

How to put the selected object in the center of Canvas?

As you have added more objects in infinite canvas and applied zooming animation, Animiz ensures you to easily find the specific object for editing. One-click you can put the selected object in the center of canvas.

How to change the layer order?

You can freely change the layer order of objects in timeline to realize visual enjoyment. Simple steps tell you how to adjust objects' layer.

How to hide/show objects?

You are able to show or hide objects in timeline to make your objects beautiful. Click your button and you can design which object to show or hide in canvas for better presenting contents.

How to lock/unlock objects?

Animiz timeline setting is an amazing feature for you to customize project in an animated way. Then you are able to lock or unlock your objects in infinite canvas for your more great customization.