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How to locate object in timeline directly when you select it

You just need to click a icon to locte the selected object in timeline.

How to zoom in/out Canvas?

Smart Zooming is a useful feature within Animiz, which makes you smoothly navigate through your presentation, without the need for panning. Learn two ways to zoom in and out canvas in Animiz here.

How to customize the screen ratio?

Screen ratio setting of you presentation is very important, since this setting helps make your slides match a variety of screen sizes. Animiz gives you flexible options to change the screen ratio of your presentation.

How to rotate the canvas?

Animiz enables you to rotate the canvas to temporarily rotate your view of contents on screen, without actually rotating the elements on the canvas. There are two ways for you to rotate the canvas.

How to lock/unlock the canvas?

It will be easier for you to make editing to the objects on the canvas, if you get the canvas locked. Animiz allows you to lock and unlock the canvas in a breeze.