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How to add formulas?

​You have an easy access to a variety of formulas, when creating a video presentation with Animiz. These formulas are editable and can be combined with each other to fit your needs.

How to add actor?

Animiz has a huge library of roles, which contains Flash actors, PNG actors and GIF actors for you to use in the video presentation.

How to add charts?

There are types of charts in Animiz built-in library, including a radar chart, a pie chart, a bar chart a line chart and so on. You can use these charts to visualize the data and convey information clearly.

How to add symbols?

From the symbol presenting the social network, to the symbol standing for multi-media, no matter what type of symbol you are looking for, you can always find a proper one in Animiz gallery to be applied to your video presentation.

How to add flashes/SWFs?

In Animiz, you are given two options to find flash resources that can be added to the video presentation: select from the stock library, or from your local files.

How to add videos?

Animiz supports a variety of video formats for use in your video presentation, from mp4, flv, to rmvb and wmv. With a few clicks, you can add a video in a minute.