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How to change the scene order?

Just change the scene order as you need. No matter dragging or clicking, you can adjust every scene's order and make them showcase your contents and ideas engagingly.

How to add scene remark?

Scene remark feature benefits you to create labeling and manage scenes well. Click the remark icon then you can input your words inside.

How to add scene transition effect?

Creative scene transition effects will make your project fluent and more compelling to capture wider attention. Animiz Animation Maker provides plenty of transition effects for you to decorate your scenes with ease.

How to save scenes to My Scene Library?

My Scene Library is available for you to collect your Favorite scenes. You then can learn from those amazing scene design, or to individualize these gorgeous scene with your own contents.

How to add and edit background music?

Adding music in project is a smart way to make your contents accepted by audiences. Your animated contents therefore can be attractive, resonant and vivid to tell stories.

How to import and export scene?

Animiz Animation Maker inspires you to import and exports scenes in project to make videos or gifs in your own style. It is convenient for creating.

How to copy/delete/replace a scene in your project?

You will have full control over scenes in project. It is easy to copy, delete and replace scenes to ensure a stunning visual enjoyment.

How to add a new scene in your project?

As a beginner, Animiz enables you to start strong with beautiful scene templates. You thus can add a new blank scene or well-designed scene template in project to beautifully customize contents.