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How to add animation effects to object?

In the Animiz Animation Maker, there are different types of animation effects grouped into entrance, emphasis and exit, and you can add any of them as you wish

How to align objects' animation duration?

In the Animiz Animation Maker, when there is one more animation effect in the scene, but they don’t have the same duration, you can still align these objects’ animation duration based on that animation effect with longest or shortest duration .

How to make animation effects enter/exit in sequence?

In the Animiz, you can make the animation effects enter/exit in sequence, which can help you design your animation video in an effective way.

How to adjust animation effects overall?

Animiz Animation Maker brings users with the chance to adjust animation one by one or overall. If you want to adjust animation effects overall, it is also very easy

How to align objects’ entrance/exit effect?

In the Animiz, when there are lots of objects’ entrance and exit effects in the scene, and you want some of them shown at the same time, you can make full use of the effect-align feature.

How to adjust different objects’ animation play order?

When there is one more object with animation effects in the scene, and you want these animation effects shown orderly, you can easily adjust the order by yourself.

How to add and edit Move animation effect?

Moving elements can bring your content to life. Animiz gives you a chance to add move animation effects to element without any difficulty. You are also empowered to edit the move animation effect to customize the move path.