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Do-it-yourself on Computer

Animiz helps you create animated promotion videos for branding strategy, you will absolutely be authentic and unique to stand out in marketing campaign. First to download this free video creator online, then you can make promotion videos in your own style on computer to tell brand stories. All are under your control, and according to your design needs. The engaging power of animated promotion videos benefits you to define your brand and develop your target audiences.

Get a Better Camera

Your promotion videos will give an eye-enjoyment with dynamic contents transformation. Differ from linear-style content delivery, you can make full use of Camera feature of Animiz to make promotion videos interactive and go straight to your points quickly. Infinite canvas enables you to fully customize your added camera with great zooming, panning and rotating camera effects. Modern and visual viewing experience can wow audiences quickly.

Audios Sound Shocking

To make promotion videos more resonant, you are able to apply audios: background music, your own recordings, and audio effects. There is no doubt that background music of the whole promotion videos offer an engaging world of vision and audition. Audiences will be impressed by your contents. At the same time, they will easily get intimacy from you own voice added in the video, while audio effects for the specific motion can enhance promotion videos' expression. These audios are significant to build up relationship with audiences.

Stock Clips and Images

You are not needed to spend much time in exploring resources for making beautiful promotion videos. Animiz video software is a powerful platform that offers rich resources for you to decorate video contents. Libraries of shapes, images, characters, effects, symbols, labels, SWFs, callouts and charts will definitely satisfy your design needs. This tool offers you with a user-friendly interface to create animated promotion videos by your own, easy drag-and-drop experience will make yourself a professional designer!

5 Easy Steps to Create an Animated Promotion Video by Yourself

Step 1

Freely download Animiz from official site, start the software and ready to create animated videos.

Step 2

Camera feature for making promotion video interactive and go straight to your points quickly.

Step 3

Apply audios (background music recordings, audio effects) to make promotion videos resonant.

Step 4

Libraries of shapes, images, characters, symbols, labels, SWFs, charts will satisfy your design needs.

Step 5

Publish animated promotion videos online or offline, then share the world via social media sites.

Make Animated Video Presentations with Animiz
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