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Various Background Image for Decoration

It is never so easier to begin a business video creation work in the Animiz, a kind of modern and well-featured video software. There are so many styles of elegant online templates that can be used for free. Besides, a number of preset background images are provided to decorate a more attractive video. They are classified into Simple, Landscape, Person, Video, Line and Other, which is very easy for you to pick your favorite one. In addition, you are able to set the background color to meet your needs.

Powerful Library for Material Storage

Animiz provides designers with tons of materials to enrich your business video including shape, picture, SVG images, flashes, dynamic roles, actors, charts, symbols and more. You can find anything you want with this application. What's more, Animiz powerful Library will help to store all the used materials automatically, which makes you convenient to reuse them next time. Plus, you are allowed to export the materials form the library or import your personalized ones as you wish. Of course, you can clear all the materials in the library.

Built-in Video for Great Promotion

Sometimes, video can give more information and help to enliven the atmosphere. In the process of your project creation, Animiz enables you to build in local videos about your products, services or company development history to draw attention from your audiences. It is very perfect for your business promotion. Furthermore, you can go ahead to add decoration effect for the inserted videos. Both mask filter and shadow effects all can be your option, which can definitely make your video more interesting.

Different Publishing Formats for Your Option

More audiences, more chances for your business. So it is quite important that you can publish your generated video project online to make it expose to others. With Animiz promotion video software, everything about your publishing operation will go well with its diverse publishing formats. There are 3 different options for you: Publish to Cloud, Video and Gif. After editing and customizing, you can publish your video to the Cloud to make it sharable online. Or you can choose to publish your creation work as video or gif format to make it viewable on the local and share it to your clients directly.

5 Easy Steps to Make Professional Whiteboard-style Videos

Step 1

Quickly start a video creation with an elegagnt online template.

Step 2

Pick a suitable background image from the preset ones to decorate your business video.

Step 3

build in local videos about your products or services to draw attention from your audiences.

Step 4

Publish your business video to the Cloud to make it possible to save or share.

Step 5

Share your video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to attract more potential customers.

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