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Tens of Online Templates for Using Freely

For the sales video creation in the Animiz, you don't have to start from scratch. So many delicate online templates will make everything convenient for you. There are a great many pre-made animated online templates grouped into different categories, such as business, education, technology, lifestyle, etc. It is quite useful for those who have little designing and programming skills. And you can use them out of charge.

Stunning Animation Effects for Element Decoration

Instead of complicated operation for animation setting, Animiz promotion video creator software provides you with tens of stunning animations effects for the object decoration in every scene. Without writing any code, just utilize the timeline below the scene, you can quickly add and customize animation effects in minutes. Whether it is for the entrance effects, emphasis effects or exit effects, Animiz can meet all your needs. Besides, you are able to set the animation time alignment and adjust the animation effects overall.

Dynamic Roles for Idea and Thought Expression

There are so many types of dynamic roles with rich action and expression that you can insert for free in your video to deliver ideas and express thoughts. They can be used for most of fields, including business, marketing, education, life and public utilities. Take great advantage of animated roles and let them make a good introduction to your products or give more information about your marketing campaign. It is a very perfect way to promote your business. Just drag and drop, everything is at your disposal.

Diverse Distribution Channels for Promotion

In the Animiz, you have more chances to improve your sales with the generated animated video. There are a variety of online and offline distribution channels offered to make your sales video expose to more people. After the creation, you can rapidly publish your project to the cloud platform and then share it on social media networks to catch more attention from potential customers worldwide. Or you can choose to publish it as video or GIF format to share it with your old clients directly. All of them are definitely an effective way to create a great promotion for your sales and marketing.

5 steps to create an animated video

Step 1

Take one online template to begin an animated video project quickly.

Step 2

Utilize drag-and-drop interface to create your media rich content.

Step 3

Add stunning animation effects to the inserted elements to make a great decoration.

Step 4

Utilize dynamic roles to deliver ideas and express thoughts in your sales video.

Step 5

Publish your video with Diverse Distribution Channels and share it on social media.

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