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No experience required. From start to finish, you just need to click to apply templates, click to add contents and click to publish the video. Have no idea of what contents should be added to the business video? Explore the case displayed on Animiz website for inspiration. Work with this business video editing software installed on desktops or laptops anywhere, in the office or at home.

Infinite Canvas to Work on

In this business video editing software, you will work on an infinite canva , which gives enough space for you to add contents. Pan across the canvas to place as many elements as you can. More importantly, based on this canvas, you can see how an element relates to one another, making it easy for you to organize your video content logically and helping audience better understand your message.

Your Brand. Your Look.

Animiz gives you enough freedom to express your brand in the business video. Easily create videos with your brand's color based on advanced color setting option for texts, image borders, and so on. Free to add your brand logo as the video watermark. Or directly insert texts, images and other elements to display your brand in the video content, helping driving brand awareness.

Easy Sharing

This business video editing software gives you options to publish the video to the Cloud or export the video as local file. By publishing the video to the Cloud, you can simply send a link or a QR code to friends, so that they can watch your video on a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. If you choose to save the video on your computer, you can upload it to video websites like Youtube to reach a wide audience.

5 steps to create a business video

Step 1

Choose a empty project to begin creating a business video.

Step 2

Place as many elements as you can on the infinite canvas to build enough contents for your video.

Step 3

Customise the color of texts and image borders based on advanced color setting option.

Step 4

Publish your business video to the cloud or save it as a local file.

Step 5

Share your video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to make it viewable for more clients.

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