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Lively Animated Video Background

Animiz is kind of animation video software for Mac. If you are a Mac user, you will not have any trouble about your video presentation creation with this tool. When beginning a video work, you can not only make use of its different online templates, but also have more options to use the pre-designed animated video backgrounds to decorate your video. There are tens of stylish video backgrounds provided in the Animiz, and you can apply any of them in the scene for free.

Abundant Vector Materials

No worry about your editing in the project. There are a great many of stunning materials offered to make your design work easily. Vector materials are one of greatest traits in this video software which can help you illustrate the specific contents effectively. They cover a wide range of subjects and have been classified into categories like Transportation, Office Supply, Furniture, etc. And during the editing and customizing in the unlimited canvas, they can be zoomed in without blurring.

Diverse Publishing Options

With Animiz animated video software, it is not limited to the editing on your desktop; the powerful publishing operation is also supported. After the finishing of your video presentation creation, you can go ahead to publish the work to make it more meaningful. Animiz gives you several options for the video publishing: Publish to Cloud, Video, and Gif. Choose one of the publishing formats to make it possible to view your video online or offline.

Mobile-Friendly Videos

Video presentations created by Animiz are extremely mobile-friendly. When you are available with Internet, you can choose to publish your video to the Cloud and make it readable online anytime anywhere via nearly all browsers on different mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. It is definitely a perfect way to share and promote your video creation work.

5 steps to create an engaging animated video

Step 1

Make use of its the pre-made online templates to get started with a video design

Step 2

Choose your favorite animated video background to decorate the video

Step 3

Make a full customization and illustrate the specific contents with vector materials

Step 4

Take a publishing format to make your video viewable online or offline

Step 5

Upload your video online to make it possible to read on mobile devices