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Stunning Scene Templates

If you have begun to create your animated presentation, you can easily make your whole presentation better and better. There are many stunning scene templates made by Animiz professional designers. You can choose and apply them in your video. Each of the scenes would process amazing animation effects, vector images, and elaborate layout so that you can make it directly be in your presentation by only replace the text contents. Combining several scene templates together, you can get the appealing animated video presentation.

Easily Drag and Drop

Without any skills, you can make a wonderful animated video presentation. Just drag and drop the elements in the Animiz library, you can simplest get what you want such as vector images, shapes, symbols, flash, callouts and more. All these built-in materials can be added into your presentation without efforts. And of course, it would save you from searching and creating materials. Everyone is available to make a rich media presentation with this drag-and-drop function.

Unimaginable Animated Roles

The huge collection of built-in animated roles in Animiz would amaze you. You could find many kinds of animated roles from different fields, such as the business, family, animals, workers, education and more. More importantly, you can customize roles as you like by inserting it in Animiz. This is sure a convenient way to create an animated video like a movie.

Tempting Subtitle and Record

As we all know, interaction is the key point to define an animated video presentation as professional or not. The importance of subtitles and record has no need to emphasize. Different from other subtitle editor, you are allowed to customize font, color to background and place. So easy to ass subtitle with a few keystrokes. Next is to add your voice into your presentation so that it can keep steps with the subtitle. Under this condition, you can easily grasp audiences’ eyes through the whole presentation displaying.

5 Easy Steps to Make Animated Video Presentation

Step 1

Open an empty Animiz project and choose stunning scene template for your need.

Step 2

Drag and drop enough material from library or decorating your presentation.

Step 3

Add animated roles according to your theme to make a story.

Step 4

Embellish the whole animation video presentation with subtitle and record.

Step 5

Finish making and publish the Animiz project as video format.

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