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Few Limitations with Free Plans

Animiz has four pricing options: Free, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Compared to other animated presentation creator, there are very few limitations with Animiz’s free plan. This free plan gives you the ability to use some built-in templates, images, roles, animation effects and so on to build contents for the work. Then you can publish the work as a video or GIF image that will have an Animiz logo.

Ease of Use

Getting started with Animiz is quick and simple. Even beginners can create animated presentation easily with customized templates and built-in assets. You can add these assets by simple drag and drop actions. This animated presentation creator also provides an excellent support center, in which you can get information on how to get started with your presentations.

Large Content Library

Looking for an animated presentation creator rich in animation effects and images? You are willing to use Animiz that has a large content library. The content library contains pre-made images, shapes, symbols, role, charts, formulas, labels, animation effects and other elements. You can add these elements to the canvas with simple clicks, enriching the content of your work.

Rich Export Options

You will find this animated presentation creator very powerful, since you are given rich export options. If you want to display your work on youtube, export the project as a local video file that can be uploaded to video website. Need to share the work with friends on social network? Publish the work in video format to the cloud. Love GIF images? Free to export the project as GIF.

5 Steps to Create an Animated Video Presentation

Step 1

Sign up in and create an account for free.

Step 2

Choose from lots of templates and apply one that suits your needs best.

Step 3

Take a look at built-in assets in the library and add types of assets you like.

Step 4

Publish the video presenttaion to the Cloud or save the video on your computer.

Step 5

Share the video presentation published on the Cloud with friends via link or QR code.

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