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3D Cartoon Videos, Done Right!

There are hundreds of online templates available for your fast video creation. Animation projects, business, education, technology, food & drink, diverse free 3D templates will help make your stories presented differently and innovatively. One-click and replace templates with your own contents, then you can make full use of Animiz’ powerful features, adjusting contents’ size, rotation, opacity, fill and decoration effect to realize gorgeous video design effect. This free 3D cartoon animation maker is the perfect choice for video content marketing. You can create a surprising animated video for promotion, branding or marketing, just in minutes!

Full Character Customization

Animiz ensures a funny video creating experience even you are beginners. Simply combine the excitement of cartoon characters and visual appeal will make your video content marketing look professional. Animiz built-in roles feature enables you to choose all aspects of roles to decorate videos’ expression, including businessmen, farmers, fashion ladies, teachers, students, nurses, policemen, workers, employees, etc. From motion, body to emotion, you are freely customizing their action, entrance and exit animations. Furthermore, to make characters realistic, you can add your own recording in videos. Stunning voice-over narration are sure to drive more attention to your 3D cartoon video.

Rewarding SEO Marketing

Try to publish your well-designed videos to cloud and get more exposure for your marketing. Never forget to input a suitable title, category, description and keyword for your videos, which allows Google search spiders to make sense of your video and catch what your contents about. As you share videos online, you will get the maximum SEO value, making more people enjoy your video contents. Animiz is such a fantastic tool for content marketing on a budget. It helps increase conversion rates in a smart way.

Animated Video Story on Mobiles

It is said that 65% of people are visual learners. At this time, your well-designed 3D cartoon video animation can do more to engage people on their mobiles, no matter iPhone, iPad, tablets or smartphones. High-quality, visual stories are extremely resonant, which will make your marketing a rewarding result with ease.

5 Easy Steps to Make 3D Cartoon Video Animations for Content Marketing

Step 1

Pick up your favorite animation projects from diverse templates, click to replace with your own contents.

Step 2

Decorate videos with dynamic characters, and utilize voice-over narration to tell vivid stories.

Step 3

Camera, background, subtitle and record, flexible timeline management will make video expressive.

Step 4

Publish exquisite video animation to cloud. Wow the world with stunning 3D video enjoyment online.

Step 5

Embed videos to sites, driving more traffic with unique, charming 3D cartoon animation.

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