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Creating Captivating Videos is This Easy with Animiz Online Animation Creator Software

Animated Depression Explainer Video


Car Sharing

Sales Planning

Cafe And Bar

Do It Yourself - Really

Imagination is behind every innovation. As you have ideas, you can make it real in Animiz infinite canvas. This all-in-one animated video creator inspires you to give messages remembered. It offers everything (powerful editors, simple editing interface, timeline, lively animations and rich stock library) you need to make awesome video animation, right at your fingertips. Whether you are businesses startups, marketing professionals, training educations or unique individuals, you will tell gorgeous stories through animated videos.

Background Varying

Decorate video with well-designed backgrounds, or Take advantages of provided image backgrounds to strengthen visual effects is just a piece of cake. Simple, landscape, person, video, line and others options for giving your video a beautiful looking. In addition, you are capable of customizing an outstanding background color for your video. Pure color, linear color or radical color will match different style video presenting. The amazing thing is that you are not limited to use only one background in a video, instead, you can add as many backgrounds as you need to showcase great charms.

Animated Charts

Animated charts is a powerful feature of Animiz animation creator software. 10 types of charts you are allowed to make video professional, including bar chart, dot chart, pie chart, line chart, area chart, stacking chart, radar chart, mixed chart, nightingale rose chart and table. Just adjust the color panel, axis type, category panel, legend direction, you then finish data editing. In addition, you can also change data's font inside, few clicks you will let your data shine!

Transition Effects

Animiz feature-filled interface encourages you to use wonderful transition effects to achieve natural transition from one scene to another. You can choose Hand Pull, Fade in, Comb, Flip Book, Checker Board, Diffusion, Cross Switch, Gallery effects according to design needs. All will turn your contents into compelling, professional videos.

Follow The 5 Easy Steps to Make Animated Videos in Your Style

Step 1

Free download Animiz video animation creator, then open the software and start from new empty project.

Step 2

Use scenes to enrich videos. Pre-made dynamic & static scenes for you to replace with your contents.

Step 3

A natural transition between scenes. Choose suitable transition effects for scenes accournding to needs.

Step 4

Publish gorgeous video online and offline in flexible formats like .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .flv, .mkv or gif.

Step 5

Share your fabulous videos on social networks, surprise the world with visual stories on all screens.

Make Animated Video Presentations with Animiz
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