Top-Notch Animation Software You Should Not Miss

Animation is the new interest of people these days. Working with animation software helps people create attractive videos, such as animated explainer videos, 2d cartoon videos, promo videos, whiteboard animation videos, business videos, and whatnot. This article focuses on the best software for animation videos and whiteboard animations that will help you create catchy animations in just a few simple steps. Read below to know more about them.

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Mango Animate Animation Maker

Creating stunning animations in just a few simple steps is always a dream. Mango Animate Animation Maker has made it easier for people to create different types of animations in an easy and time-saving way.

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The animation video maker has pre-built and ready-to-use a large library of free media items. Your animated video production can definitely be enhanced by pictures, SVGs, animation widgets, effects, SWFs, icons, shapes, and charts.

To highlight key points, just record your own voice to illustrate points vividly, type captions or subtitles, and let the animation video creator do the rest, leaving the viewer with an ever-lasting impression.

Mango Animate Animation Maker provides more than 40 types of dynamic characters, covering various industries, such as education, medicine, catering, tourism, commerce, real estate, and so on. Users can arbitrarily choose characters to perform specific scripts to attract the audience’s attention and enhance audience engagement.

The multi-track timeline from the animation software ensures that everything, including the camera, backdrop, foreground, and animation software, is under your power. With a solid timeline, you can easily configure the animation effects and length.

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Mango Animate Animation Maker


What Can Mango Animate Animation Maker Do?

Mango Animate Animation Maker provides an easy way to grow your business through sensational ads in animated form. In order to keep your target audience amused and engaged throughout, create animated video advertisements, animated banners, animated logos, and more. Access a broad array of animated ad models, drag and drop all the content you like, and apply stunning animations with just some clicks to distinguish your animated ads from others.

The importance of animated cartoon videos in learning cannot be underestimated, especially online learning. Interesting animation videos can help teachers attract students’ attention faster and increase student engagement. Mango Animate Animation Maker allows teachers to create multiple animated videos with different roles, and record audio to explain complex lessons. Students can increase their enthusiasm for learning by watching vivid animation videos and find the joy of learning in a boring class.

Say goodbye to rigid job applications and use animated videos to add energy to your resume. An excellent resume focuses on your strengths. Animated job application videos should do the same. Use media such as SVG, images, charts, and shapes from Mango Animate Animation Maker to highlight your advantages, and use professional animation characters to adapt to any type of job you need to apply for. The best animation video maker also provides various animation effects that allow you to emphasize as needed. The powerful dubbing function perfectly conveys your message.

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Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker

To bring content to life by hand drawing animations, Mango Animate is creating a Whiteboard Animation Maker for users.

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker has tones of professional pre-designed templates available to anyone as a user-friendly whiteboard video creator. It helps to create expert-level animated videos in minutes for business, education, or personal projects.

In your whiteboard animation video and presentation, hundreds of beautiful transition effects, entry effects, and exit effects breathe new life. With incredible animations that will engage your viewers in a truly captivating way, build your video.

Direct access from the editor to thousands of pre-made characters, SVG images, icons, and shapes. Anyone can easily create an amazing whiteboard video with a library of tools.

Within Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, record your own custom voiceover audio directly. We make the voice recording process super simple. To build all sorts of audio for your videos, simply add and edit your voice.

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Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker


What Can Mango Animate Animation Maker Do?

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software provides an alternative to visual presentations, which makes simple lectures more attractive. Whether you are educators or business people, animation professionals or amateurs, you can make attractive hand-drawn animation videos for presentations in a few simple steps. Choose a suitable template from a large number of animation video templates, and then replace or add elements by simply dragging and dropping it onto the canvas. The whiteboard animation software has a variety of different hand shapes and gesture options, which can emphasize some important points while presenting.

Mango Animation Whiteboard Animation Maker is the ideal choice for many companies. Use pre-built templates of whiteboard animation software to easily create company promotional videos and recruitment videos. The huge media library and the multiple gestures performed by different hands of different sizes can arouse people’s interest. Let more people follow your company and recruit more talents through free sharing on various platforms. Vivid whiteboard animation videos can also increase engagement in company meetings. Hundreds of spectacular animation effects will eliminate the boredom of any meeting. The stunning transition effect allows the presenter to move back and forth in a way that makes other attendees unaware of the next step. They will not be able to look away from the whiteboard until the end of the presentation. The whiteboard animation maker will bring boring meetings to life.

Mango Animated Whiteboard Animation Maker can also help companies build their own brands and make their brands stand out through animated videos/GIF logos. Whiteboard animation videos can also be used for public service advertisements, online education, product promotion, and so on.

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Mango Animate’s animation software is suitable for all industries, such as education, technology, design, real estate, medical, etc. Both Mango Animate Animation Maker and Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker have their own unique functions. You can choose the appropriate animation software according to different needs to create animation videos that attract audiences.