Top 6 AI Animation Generators to Turn Text into Animated Videos

In this swiftly evolving age, your content strategy may hardly go far without animated videos. It’s no doubt that videos have become the most prevalent way to drive traffic. Curious about how to produce an animated video with less time and effort? A state-of-the-art AI animation generator is the right solution. In this article, we compile 6 of our favorites to show you their advanced features. So, without hesitating, read on to explore our picks for the best AI animation generators that create animated videos from text.

1. Mango AI

Mango AI is an easy-to-use AI video maker that helps you generate stunning animations directly from your scripts. All you need to do is choose a ready-made template and input text. The first-rate AI cartoon video generator automatically crafts an animated video featuring human-like digital avatars or vivid cartoon characters and natural-sounding AI voices. Browse an extensive collection of avatars and cartoon characters spanning from different ages, professions, and races. You have access to numerous AI voices in multiple languages, extending the reach of your videos. What sets the free AI video generator apart from the rest is its talking photo capability, which brings a still portrait photo to a living narrator. Mango AI is a true leader in the AI animation video space that levels up your video content with ease.

ai animation generator-Mango AI

2. Magic Hour

Magic Hour is equipped with generative AI tools to support you in producing compelling animated videos like a pro. You come with the text. The AI animation generator does the rest for you. You have the option to pick an art style, write your custom art style, or let the AI decide. There are a bunch of camera effects to choose from, making the video more eye-catching and leaving a long-lasting impression on the audience. Once you adjust video settings like aspect ratio, video length, and frame rate, the free AI video generator intelligently creates visually appealing animated videos in a fraction of the time. Magic Hour has a slight learning curve and ensures an enjoyable user experience.

free ai video generator-Magic Hour

3. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a versatile AI platform that allows you to create applications, websites, chatbots, and graphics without any coding skills. Its AI animation generator converts your text prompts into animations with just a few clicks. Start by describing what you want to produce. The tool breathes life into your idea and produces a complete animated video with intricate characters and dynamic scenes. Tailor the video with background music and voiceovers to your needs. The free AI video generator enables real-time preview to let you notice any change you make to the animated video promptly. Appy Pie offers you a cost-effective solution to achieve professional-level animations.

ai video maker-Appy Pie

4. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an AI art generator that empowers you to design production-quality visuals for a variety of purposes. Its AI video maker creates 4-second animated videos based on text prompts or image uploads. You can also select the images created with the tool to animate, without having to toggle between different platforms. Adjust the parameters to achieve the desired motion strength, adding an extra dimension to animated videos. The AI animation generator is packed with a wide range of tools to turbocharge your creativity.

ai animation generator-LeonardoAI

5. Synthesys

Synthesys integrates a suite of AI tools to elevate your content creation. Its intuitive interface assists you in using it to the fullest extent. There are dozens of pre-built templates and AI avatars available in the AI video maker. Filter an avatar by gender and age to select the one that aligns with your content. Its text-to-speech systems can produce speech for short text. You have the flexibility to adjust the pitch, speed, and intonation of the voiceovers. In addition, the AI animation generator supports multilingual voice cloning, helping you create consistent branding across different regions and markets.

ai video maker-Synthesys

6. Pika

If you have an animation idea but are unsure of how to bring it to fruition, Pika will be immensely useful. As long as you demonstrate the idea, the free AI video generator analyzes every word and produces an animated video with a nice flow. It puts creative control in your hands and modifies the video according to your text command. The AI animation generator is capable of synchronizing character mouth movements with voiceovers, enhancing the reality of characters and the overall quality of your animated videos. Pika can also turn images and existing videos into impressive animations, making it a go-to solution to create animations.

free ai video generator-Pika

To Sum up

Can you imagine how these AI animation generators revolutionize the realm of video creation? Give these tools a go and select the best one to be your copilot. If you are looking to save time instead of trying them one by one, let me tell you my answer — Mango AI. The all-in-one platform taps into the power of AI to provide you with cutting-edge features, such as text-to-video, realistic AI voices, and face swapping. Whether you create animated videos for marketing, informative tutorials, social media, or business, the AI animation generator gets you covered and helps you keep up with the trend. Ready to elevate your animation to new heights? Let Mango AI do the magic right away!

One More Thing

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