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Video Assets

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Diverse Free Assets

Free video assets make it easy for everyone to create animated videos in minutes. There are numerous scene templates, shapes, roles, SVG images, audios and flashes available for creating fabulous animated videos for free.

300+ Stunning Scene Templates

Simply apply the ready-made scenes to create high-quality animated videos. There are tons of preset scenes available for making appealing animated video presentations. These scenes are classified into various categories including outdoor, indoor, modern, countryside and the more.

Scene, Template, Animated Video Maker
Online Video Templates, Video Template, Animated Video Template
Multi-layout Online Video Templates

Animiz has a rich library of online animated video templates. You don't need to start your animated video project from scratch. Just replace one of the templates with your own contents, and then your professionally animated videos can be done directly.

1000+ Built-in Animated Roles

Hundreds of vivid built-in roles (GIF, PNG and Flash) are at your disposal. Each character has different actions and expressions. Adding roles in videos helps to deliver information in a visually captivating way.

1000+ built-in animated roles, Animiz animation maker
Scene Background, Animated Video Template
Attractive Image/Color Scene Background

Attractive scene background can bring your animated video presentation to a new level. Just enhance your animated video presentations with two types of scene background including image background and pure, linear, radial or gradient color background.

5000+ Royalty-free Vector Images

Animiz offers rich vector images for users to illustrate ideas and create scenes in a vivid way. Whenever you zoom in or zoom out those vector images, it won't blur. Just bring your video contents to life with those images instead of static texts.

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