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Online Templates toward Quickly Creating

You don't have any idea to start a marketing video creation? Animiz here has a full range of online templates provided for you. They are classified into different categories, and you can pick one fit to your marketing topic from the "Business", and then quickly start you video design work. These online templates from Animiz are well-organized and full customizable. All the text and picture in the template can be replaced with ease, which is extremely helpful for those who have little skills about designing. Besides, there is also an outstanding scene library for you to add bland scenes or pre-set animation scenes freely.

Fantastic Image Decoration Effect

In the Process of your marketing video design, you are able to add as many pictures about your brand and business as you like. It can not only help to enrich an explainer video content, but also an efficient way to promote your product or service. In the Animiz, you can also go ahead to add decoration effect to those built-in images, which will be conducive to a higher-quality and more appealing video. Whether you want to create mask filter for the image or add shadow effects, Animiz decoration effect editor will meet all your needs.

Label for Spotlight Moving Management

You may want to highlight some important points to in the video, right? Spotlight will be a good helper. In the Animiz, the label tool will make you easy to add spotlight and customize spotlight moving animation to draw your audience's attention. Just have a click on the "Label" button, and then add the spotlight to the key points. You can go ahead to manage its size, rotation, entrance and exit animation to create an amazing visual result. What's more, you are able to add "Move" animation effect for the spotlight to create a moving trail, which can definitely help your audiences get the point quickly and make your video look more vivid and interesting.

Built-in Charting Control for Analysis Help

Chart will be very helpful for data analysis in your marketing video. You can add chart to your video to give more details about your business. In the Animiz marketing video maker tool, the powerful built-in chart system will make everything convenient to you. They are so many chart styles provided for you to build visualization to give points and information with ease, including Bar Chart, Dot Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Stacking Chart, Radar Chart, Mixed Chart, Nightingale Rose Chart and Table. Make full use of these built-in charts to design your marketing video efficiently.

5 steps to create an animated video

Step 1

Begin an animated video with a new online template.

Step 2

Add some pictures about your brand, and use decoration effect editor to create your stylish images.

Step 3

Use appropriately spotlight to highlight key points and information about your business.

Step 4

Take advantage of built-in charts to analyze the data of your marketing.

Step 5

Publish video online and Share it on social media to make them expose to more people.

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