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Swiss Watch Sale Report

The Way to Success

Environmental Protection

Classroom And Planet

Car Sharing

Use Your Own Media

Import your own images and audio to build contents for your video. Your image can act as the background for your video or be used to convey some information. As for the audio, you can set it as the background music for the video. Easily edit your media with the tools in Animiz as if you were editing built-in media. Apply animation and decoration effect in a flash.

Select Unique Fonts

Animiz gives you enough flexibility to select the font for your texts in the HTML5 animation video, making it easy to brand your content. There are more than 100 stylish fonts,and you can easily search for a font in the search bar. Besides, Animiz allows you to customize the font color and the font size, which makes it possible for you to use a more unique font, and helps you express the brand further.

Edit the Length of Your Video

Increase, or decrease the duration of any scenes and scene transitions to adjust the video duration. To shorten the scene duration, shorten the animation duration of elements in the scene first. For twitter users who like short bursts of information, you can publish a 15-sencond video. For Facebook users who like to spend time on contents, create a video longer than one minute.

Publish Videos to the Cloud

Want people to see your stunning videos? Quickly publish the video to the cloud in a variety of popular video formats with a customized video cover, making the video available anywhere anytime. Then easily share the video to any and all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach a wider audience.

5 Simple Steps for Designing HTML5 Animation Videos

Step 1

Sign up your account and create a new project

Step 2

Use your own media to enrich contents. Free to add local images and audio files to the Animiz project.

Step 3

Select fonts for texts to brand your contents. Custimoze the fonts and texts for your project.

Step 4

Edit the video scene with the elements, enrich the story board.

Step 5

Publish the video to the cloud so that a wide audience can have an easy access to your work at any time.

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