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Is GoAnimate the first choice to make animation videos? Certainly it is not. There are so many extraordinary video creation tools that can be used to create beautiful and high quality animation videos, such as Animiz, a well-featured animation video maker for brilliant animated videos. This application provides free account for every designer to get started with their fun animations and bring the video to life.

Large Multimedia Content Library

It is quite convenient to build up a video with Animiz goanimate alternative animation maker. The large library for a variety of multimedia contenst can improve your total work. All of you designers can make good use of preset beautiful online templates and delicate animated roles, SWF materials. And such idea and interactive editors as recorder, graphics editor and formula editor will definitely help to make an animation video in a short time.

Great Animation Effect Creation

Animiz takes your audience on an animation journey with tens of different animation effects. These animation effects are grouped into Entrance, Emphasis and Exit. And you are very easy to use any one of them to embellish objects inserted on scenes. It is really a perfect way to create impressive animated videos to catch your audiences' attention.

Cloud Platform for Directly Publishing

Animiz is cloud-based software which not only gives you the ability to finish an original animated video work, but also makes published videos access to the powerful and saving unlimited online cloud platform. You are capable to directly publish your animated video to the Animiz Cloud, and after that, all your families, friends and clients will be easy to reach your work anywhere.

5 steps to make an animated video

Step 1

Get start to make an animated video in accordance with your needs.

Step 2

Make good use of multimedia content library to create your impressive videos.

Step 3

Add animated roles to improve a vivid and lively animated video.

Step 4

Create awesome animation visual effects to make your animated video look professional.

Step 5

Publish your animated video to the cloud to share with your families, friends and clients.

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