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Professional animated video demos created by Animiz animation video software

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Pre-designed Cartoon Characters

Get started from hundreds pre-animated cartoon characters and roles, animiz enables users to create professional cartoon animations with ease. No coding and design skills are needed, you can make a cartoon video easily in drag and drop software interface.

Drag-and-drop Video Editing

The simple drag-and-drop interface of Animiz helps users make cartoon video smoothly. Every element in your videos can be dropped and dragged into canvas directly. What you see is what you get.

Social Media Marketing

Make a cartoon explainer video which is shareable on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more social channels. Connect a marketing video with the customers on social platforms, inspire them to share, like, and distribute you video content directly.

Publish to Anywhere Anytime

Animiz allows users publish videos to its online cloud host and share the videos to friend on social websites instantly. What’s more, publishers are able to publish videos offline in different formats.

5 steps to create an animated Movie video

Step 1

Create a new Animiz account to get started.

Step 2

Choose a suitable template for your cartoon video.

Step 3

Customized the scene and background with your own picture and logo.

Step 4

Add audio, animation and dubbing to the video project.

Step 5

Publish and share.

Make Animated Video Presentations with Animiz
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