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Easy to Get Started

Animiz, the free cartoon movie software, makes it super easy to start a cartoon video with multimedia and animation. No matter you are beginners or professionals, all your ideas would be achieved in this interactive animated cartoon video making software. You can start from a pre-designed template, and decorate the video with various kinds of elements. Actually, you would find many other built-in materials for you to choose from, such as animated roles, vector images, shapes, scene templates.

Drag and Drop for Embellishment

Worry about how to add kinds of multimedia into your video for further embellishment? Animiz makes you simple to add elements with drag-and-drop function. In its drag-and-drop interface, almost everything can be moved into your video easily and quickly. You have no worry about the difficult technology of add multimedia. Besides, it would save you much time in making and designing your cartoon video.

Various Free Materials

There are tons of free materials available in Animiz, helping you feel at ease during designing. Make a professional cartoon video with the lowest cost. Start from choosing a scene template. Add a music as background sound is so considerate. In addition, there are other materials should be added to decorate and enrich the video contents. Combine the animated roles, recording and callout together to make a complete easily. Along with the animation effects, you can get a stunning carton video as soon as possible.

Publish and share to Public

The final step of creating the cartoon video is to publish it and share it to your audiences. Here are three ways for you to choose. Firstly, publish it to cloud to allow others view your great work online. Secondly, publish it as video format. You can view it offline or send the video to audiences. Thirdly, save it as GIF format, which make you easier to share and open it.

5 steps to create an animated cartoon video

Step 1

Register an Animiz account before creating your cartoon movie

Step 2

Pick out an online template according to your and begin your creating

Step 3

Drag and drop all the appropriate multimedia to decorate your cartoon movie

Step 4

Add stunning animation effects for the objects on the canvas to increasing attraction s

Step 5

Publish your amazing cartoon video as video or GIF, and share it around online

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