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The Way to Success

Classroom and Planet

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Car Sharing

Camera Captures Emphasis

As for business cartoon explainer video, there would be many details should be displayed to audiences. The camera now comes in handy. You can add moderate cameras for your contents to make your key details stand out. Make your audiences’ attentions move along with your camera. With the stunning zooming, panning, and rotating effects, you can catch all the attentions firmly during presenting. Of course, it is quite easy to add cameras in Animiz under the help of Timeline.

Fine WordArt Effects

If you think the common fonts are little bit ordinary, you could try WordArt in Animiz. It would amaze you with fresh appearance. Sharp colors with a sense of design, the WordArt would definitely attract much more attention from audiences. Furthermore, WordArt would help to make your key point be seen in the first time among thousands of words. Use the WordArt to add color for you video and amaze people.

Various Built-in Charts

Charts and forms would be an import part in business explainer videos. There are ten kinds of chart templates ((bar chart, dot chart, pie chart, stacking chart, etc)) for you to choose from. You can choose one of them and modify the data with yours. So easy to make a chart for your presentation. Charts would be more intuitionistic than words and images so that audiences can understand quicker and get more information from your video.

Interactive Subtitle and Recording

You would very want to make your video as detailed as possible meaning that your video can be understood by more people. Subtitle and recording makes your cartoon explainer video more professional. With the help of the subtitle editor, you can add caption easily. In the meantime, record your voice as the dubbing for your video. This is sure to engage your audiences.

5 steps to create an animated cartoon video

Step 1

Begin making a cartoon explainer video with a pre-designed online template

Step 2

Enrich your video with all the materials and add cameras for key points

Step 3

Give your video the subtitle and recording to attract more audiences

Step 4

Give your video the subtitle and recording to attract more audiences

Step 5

Publish the project as video formats and share it to the public

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