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Haze and Fog

Sales Planning

Classroom and Planet

Product Sales

Car Sharing

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Animiz is an innovative and all-in-one animation video maker that can be downloaded by any designer without paying for anything. It is tailored to create and publish promising animated video for both individual and business. No code, no third party installation, you can quickly establish a dynamic and stylish video work just in a minute.

Content Editing Easily

Animiz animation video maker enables you to build up a rich content for your video with ease and offers you an effective way to fully customize all the elements in the scene. You are capable to add different types of media to make your video more interesting, such as shape, roles, actors, audios, videos, recordings, captions and more. Even you have more options to make full use of some powerful features like formula editor and chart built-in system to improve the presentation on those topics of education and marketing.

Online and Offline Distribution Channels

There are multiple great channels for users to publish their generated video work offline and offline. When utilizing this service to make a multimedia and brilliant business presentation, you can choose to upload it to Animiz Cloud to make it effective and sharable online. Of course, offline export (Video and Gif) is also provided for you to create distinctive reading experience anytime and anywhere.

Diverse Social Media Platforms

Integrated with many famous social Media Platforms, it is very convenient to share your video on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google plus to promote your produced work and market your business. Once the presentation is uploaded successfully online, you will have the right to share it with your families, friends and clients through those social networks. Everything is under your control.

5 steps to create an interesting and interactive video presentation

Step 1

Download Animiz application and quickly start your video creation

Step 2

Add different types of media to improve an eye-catching video

Step 3

Use formula editor and chart built-in system to customize your stylish content

Step 4

Publish your video online or offline in accordance with your needs

Step 5

Share your video work worldwide on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus

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