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Awesome Hand-drawn Animation Effects

It is not so easier than ever to create an animated video presentation with Animiz presentation maker, whether it is for a marketing program or an educational lecture. There are many animation effect options for your content description in the scene. Even you are allowed to add awesome hand-drawn animation effects to make your video presentation looks more fascinating. It is really an effective way to say goodbye to a still presentation.

Multiple Media Contents for Embellishment

In the process of your design, you will have more choices to make a media rich video presentation. You are not only able to add text, shapes, music and local videos to the presentation like other presentation maker, but also embed chart, formula, flash, symbol, actors as you wish. These media description can really bring a broader digital content and help to grab more attention.

Interesting and Animated Role Elements

There are a great many of built-in roles in the Animiz which allow presenters to insert in different scenes to give ideas and express thoughts. Each character has different actions and expressions and all of them are at your disposal. Besides, you are able to customize roles by yourself: choose a destination role, add actions for it and then make it perform in the scene.

Offline Video for Viewing Anytime Anywhere

Animiz provides different publishing channels for a generated video presentation. You can publish the presentation online to make it effective for sharing. Or you can choose to create high-definition offline videos to view anytime and anywhere. There are 6 different formats for offline video: .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .flv, .mkv. Take a format according to your need, and then publish your animated video presentation to make you easy to enjoy offline viewing experience.

5 steps to create an animated video presentation

Step 1

Start your video presentation from a PPT file, online template, or a new empty project

Step 2

Make full use of amazing animation effects for the content description to create great visual experience

Step 3

Add some stunning multiple media to rich your video presentation

Step 4

Upload your animated video presentation online to make it effective for sharing

Step 5

Or published your presentation work offline in a video format to make it viewable anytime anywhere

Make Animated Video Presentations with Animiz
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