Top 7 Animated Movie Makers To Create Animation For Kids

Imagination is the purest in a child’s mind, and sometimes they are geniuses at it. Animation is the new age art form, and if there was a software that would be ideal for children to use to create their own cartoon or animated videos, or even movies, that would be a grand idea. So here goes some top movie maker software and application that children can use to make animated videos.

1. Video Scribe

Video Scribe is sophisticated animation software that involves automatic video makingout of whiteboard “scribes”. It enables a wide learning channel for children, with its specially designed packs for educational purpose. Children can use fun and interactive short animation videos, instead of piles of notes for school projects and rapid revision. Video Scribe allows adding images, text, voice and music for a complete video. Video Scribe has some prestigious customers to speak for it, with BBC citing it as a “super-simple package”. The app can be purchased from the website of Video Scribe, and offers a 7day free trial.

2. Animiz

Animiz is a high functional budding new free animation video makertool that is ideal for children for making school projects, classroom presentations and win competitions. With its wide selection of templates, and high featured tools, there are plenty of activities kids can do with this in hand. The simple interface yet high functionality is unique about this app. The basic pack is free to download from the main website of Animiz, which offers 10Gcloud storage, up to 6cameras in each scene, 100+ animation effects, short video and GIF formats, and a lot more.


Start Creating An Animation Video with Animiz

3. Stop Motion Cartoon Maker

The cool and colorful appis developed by Whisper Arts, a company that specializes on e-Learning mobile apps, for kids and parents. The app in question, Stop Motion Cartoon Maker aims to give kids a multifaceted learning and gaming experience. It combines both handicraft, and technology. The idea is to create movies out of images of drawings, clay dolls, toys. It is available for free download from Play Store and App Store, for android and iOs smart phones, respectively.

4. Animoto

Animoto specializes on video slideshows, turning photos and video clipsinto high definition videos, quickly and easily. The app is responsive on multiple smart devices, and has a number of features including over 50 video styles, an expansively stocked music library, and a cloud based hosting, that makes sharing on social media a breeze. This app is ideal for school projects and digital storytelling, and other creative content, educating children on multiple aspects. The product is for sale on Animoto’s website, with a free trial option.

5. FlipaClip – Cartoon Animation

The traditional flip book is recreated for making cool animation. FlipaClip combines basic drawing tools, and frame-by-framing animating system, for creating simple yet attractive cartoon videos. Children with a penchant for movie making, or storytelling, can find it really cool. The app is available for free download, from App Store or Google Play.

6. Puppet Pals HD

Figure 6 Puppet Pals Source:
Puppet Pals HD animation video maker app is native of iOs devices. A simple and engaging cartoon creator that kids would truly love. There is a number of editing tools, ready backgrounds and characters, added with voice projection, and audio. Kids can do multiple things, for education, creativity and flair for movie making, or just have fun. The basic pack is free to download from App Store, while higher levels are charged nominally.

7. Toontastic

Toontastic is 3D animation video making software, with a plethora of digital tools for character designing, sound mixing, and sharing. Available for android and iOs users, and can be downloaded for free from App Store or Play Store.


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