8 Creative Animation Video Design Ideas You Should Check

Animation video is the buzzword now with brands emphasising on motion pictures in order to narrate their story. There is no doubt in its storytelling part; hence, designers from every corner of the world are constantly on the lookout for fresh design ideas to take the brand a step ahead. However, the aim is to come up with an attractive motion graphics at half the cost. In view of the trend, we have compiled a list of creative suggestions that you can consider for your next project.

#1 Blending 2D and 3D

Even some years ago, this was an uncommon occurrence. However, today it is a trend among motion graphic designers because the outcome is stylised and illustrated. So the next time you embark on a project, you could consider positioning 3D entities on 2D space to offer spectators a brilliant bird’s eye view.

#2 Stop Motion Animations

Imaginations are endless and so are creations. Stop motion animation is one such invention where you can play with real-world objects by manipulating them to produce a moving illusion. With plenty of computer software in the market, crafting clay, puppet, model, cutout, pixilation and object animation can obviously give you an edge over other marketers.

#3 Flipbook Style

Flipbook animation is yet another video design whereby illustrating a story means presenting a series of images rapidly. This is carried out to create an illusion of motion. However, doing it right would indicate maintaining a correct sequence for a fruitful outcome.

#4 Narrative Animation Video

Designers are constantly hunting for ideas to survive in a highly competitive world. To them, narrative animation video might seem to be a brilliant proposal. So whether your subject is a fairytale, having a mandatory introduction, middle and finish, try incorporating a structured storyline for bringing forward a compelling video. This is when a narrative animation works in favour of storytelling.

#5 Combining Stop Motion and Live Action

Willis H. O’Brien was the first to feature stop motion and live action in a movie (King Kong) and since then the trend has continued. Designers can now integrate this idea not only to merge the human and cartoon world but also to channel their efforts towards an artistic goal.

#6 Animated Videos Using Photographs

The fans of Harry Potter will definitely get a clue! It is just another way of bringing to life the boring pictures of every day. Photoshop Actions is one such toolkit helping you create animated GIFS. PowToon is yet another, allowing you to create the mini version of yourself.

#7 Origami Art Animation

3D animation has found new grounds to expand through Origami Art Animation. This style is not only striking but also convenient for transitions, occurring between diverse elements. Unfolding a story using simple origami is certainly a convincing idea for designers out there.

#8 Illustrations and Documentary

An innovative animation video is something out-of-box. Animated documentary and illustration is one such idea, helping designers to unfold before spectators an untold story using an impactful narrative. Software like Animoto could be of great help.


Design ideas are manifold but picking out the right ones for your next promotional project might bring enormous profits to the organisation of which you are a part. So take initiative and unravel before the audience a breathtaking animation video. Let creativity pave your ways!


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